Welcome to the SAGE edge site for An Introduction to Statistics, Third Edition!

This updated and reorganized Third Edition of this textbook takes a workbook-style approach that encourages an active approach to learning statistics. Carefully placed reading questions throughout each chapter allow students to apply their knowledge right away, while in-depth activities based on current behavioral science scenarios, each with problem sets and quiz questions, give students the opportunity to assess their understanding of concepts while reading detailed explanations of more complex statistical concepts. Additional practice problems further solidify student learning. Most activities are self-correcting, so if a concept is misunderstood, this misunderstanding is corrected early in the learning process. After working through each chapter, students are far more likely to understand the material than when they only read the material.

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We gratefully acknowledge Kieth A. Carlson and Jennifer R. Winquist for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Kieth A. Carlson and Jennifer R. Winquist of Valparaiso University, Jaye Pedante of Immaculata University and Integra for developing the resources on this site.