1. Darwin and his Theory of Evolution

This chapter is all about how we came to be the human creatures we are today. One of the theories that frames how we see this development is by Charles Darwin.


2. Evolution As It Happens

You can even seen evolution as it happens with this online game from the Natural History Museum.


3. Watch Yourself Go Back in Time

If you want to know what you might have looked liked 350,000 years ago then upload an image to this website and then watch yourself go back in time.


4. Brain Growth

One of the keys to our development is the growth in our brain size. If you’d like to know more about this then follow this web link.


5. Cave Paintings

It is suggested that about 50,000 years ago we suddenly started to show signs of many of the cultural practices that define us today, like drawing, making music and burying our dead in a ritualistic way. It’s worth exploring the cave paintings of early humans. Why did they start creating images and what purpose did they serve?