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Supply Chain Management: Securing a Superior Global Edge takes an integrated approach to managing supply chains by addressing the critically important areas of globalization, sustainability, and ethics within every chapter. Authors Ray R. Venkataraman and Ozgun C. Demirag use a wide variety of real-world cases and examples from the manufacturing and service sectors to illustrate innovative supply chain strategies and technologies. With a focus on decision-making and problem-solving, Supply Chain Management provides students with tools they need to succeed in today's fiercely competitive, interconnected global economy. Key Features: Includes coverage of COVID-19, big data, technology tools, and other current topics influencing supply chains; In-text examples and solved problems walk students step-by-step through each calculation; Case Studies and SCM Profiles provide real-world insights into cutting-edge supply chain practices; Practice Problems give students opportunity to apply what they've learned.

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We gratefully acknowledge Ray R. Venkataraman and Ozgun C. Demirag for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Integra Software Services, and Varun Gupta (Penn State Erie, The Behrend College) for developing the resources on this site.