Biological Psychology

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About the Book

'The style is very clear and readable: it made me want to continue reading. I would recommend this for students who find the subject particularly difficult, and who struggle to get a firm grasp of the basics.' 
Dr Laura Brown, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Manchester

'I really like the writing style – easy to read but contains the necessary information for first- and second-year students. The spotlights are really good and make it possible for interested students to dig deeper.'
Dr Håkan Fischer, Professor of Human Biological Psychology, Stockholm University

Written to guide undergraduate students new to brain and behaviour through the key biological concepts that determine how we act, Biological Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject. It includes detailed coverage of sensation, movement, sleep, eating and emotions, with further chapters on the biological basis of psychological disorders and the effects of drug-taking. Uniquely, the authors emphasise the importance of learning and memory as a key thread throughout and include advanced chapters on key research areas that push discussion further and encourage critical thinking, making this book appropriate for undergraduates studying biological psychology at any level.

Key Features include:

  • ‘Spotlights’ offering insights into key areas of research that expose the most important developing issues in the field today  
  • A clear structure including roadmaps and key points for each chapter to ease navigation through the book and understanding of the links between concepts
  • Full colour presentation to bring the topics to life through clear and comprehensive illustrations and diagrams

Suzanne Higgs, Alison Cooper, Jonathan Lee and Mike Harris are all based at the University of Birmingham.