Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 9

Jane put the fork down next to the jar and suppressed her reflex to gag. When she’d started at this university she’d had utter conviction in testing her flatworm theory. She would be her own single-case design. She knew that experimenting on herself would confound everything, but she wanted some evidence to firm up her beliefs. If it didn’t work on her then she could move on, but if she found evidence for some effect then that was starting point for better research. She felt conflicted, though. Was it the experiments making her mind so unfocused, or was it the interest from campus guy? She hadn’t come here looking for a relationship, she hadn’t expected it, and it wasn’t in the plan. Usually she was so good at ignoring other people, but his kindness was slowly corroding her shell. As she got up and replaced the jar on the shelf she told herself that the nonsense with campus guy had to stop. She needed to draw a line.