Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 8

Brian wandered out of his lecture about correlations. An hour learning about relationships had made him feel flat. He knew it was stupid: the lecturer wasn’t talking about those kinds of relationships, but the word kept buzzing around his head, distracting him. Jane was complex. On the one hand she always gave him the brush-off, on the other he sensed a playful humour in her responses to him. Was he kidding himself, or was that her idea of flirting? Should he be trying to get involved with someone who thought that was how to flirt? It was confusing. He wanted to get in her head. Did she think they were developing a positive relationship? Was it negative? Non-existent? He decided to be direct.

Jane’s morning had been strange. She’d worked late into the night, but woke early in a mental haze. She was acting on autopilot. She ate breakfast, spent more time on her make-up than she normally would, and put on some of her favourite clothes. She didn’t remember doing any of it. It didn’t register as odd to her. Neither did it seem unusual to her that she passed by the entrance of the Leviathan lecture hall at exactly 10:50, the time that Brian’s statistics lecture kicked out. Seeing Brian dispersed the fog in her mind. She panicked as she realized that her unconscious mind had brought her to this place at this exact time. She felt overdressed and awkward. He seemed sad, so she asked him if he was OK. He told her about the lecture he had just had, and the familiarity of correlations calmed her.