Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 6

Jane had been thinking about Brian. She didn’t want to – it was a distraction from work – but he kept returning to her thoughts. Guys didn’t interest her, or relationships at all. She didn’t understand other people, they were so … unpredictable. Jane liked certainty, it made her feel safe. Like all people, Brian freaked her out with his random invasions of her space, but his determined efforts to impress her were becoming predictable, in a good way. Was it possible that she was starting to like the routine of seeing him? She waved her hand across the electronic lock, placed a small metal box in her pocket, walked away from the door and up the stairs back to ground level. As she emerged from the Pleiades building the light made her recoil. How long had she been down there? As her eyes adjusted, a fuzzy Brian in the distance gained focus. He smiled and waved at her. Usually seeing him skewed her, made her agitated, but today it made her feel safe. This was an interesting development. Was she transforming?