Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 4

Brian had been stung by Jane’s comment. He was many things, but he didn’t think he had his head up his own backside. He retreated from Jane to get on with his single life. He listened to music, met his friends, and played Uncharted 4. Truthfully, he mainly played Uncharted 4. The more he played, the more he thought of Jane, and the more he thought of Jane, the more convinced he became that she’d be the sort of person who was into video games. When he next saw her he tried to start a conversation about games, but it went nowhere. She said computers were good only for analysing data. The seed was sown, and Brian went about researching statistics packages. There were a lot of them. Too many. After hours on Google, he decided that one called SPSS looked the easiest to learn. He would learn it, and it would give him something to talk about with Jane. Over the following week he read books, blogs, watched tutorials on YouTube, bugged his lecturers, and practised his new skills. He was ready to chew the statistical software fat with Jane.

He searched around campus for her: the library, numerous cafés, the quadrangle – she was nowhere. Finally, he found her in the obvious place: one of the computer rooms at the back of campus called the Euphoria cluster. Jane was studying numbers on the screen, but it didn’t look like SPSS. ‘What the hell …,’ Brian thought to himself as he sat next to her and asked …