Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 3

Brian had been ruminating about his last encounter with Jane. It hadn’t gone well. He had a plan, though. His lecturer had casually mentioned some problems with significance testing but glossed over them the way lecturers do when they don’t understand something. Brian decided to go to the library, where he read up on this thing called Bayesian statistics. ‘If my lecturer doesn’t understand the limitations of NHST, let alone Bayesian estimation,’ Brian thought, ‘Jane has got to be impressed with what I’ve been reading’. Brian noted everything down. A lot of it was too complex, but if he could get across some buzzwords, then maybe, just maybe, Jane would say more than a few words to him.

Brian waited on the library steps to see whether he could spot Jane in the campus square. Sure enough, he saw her figure in the distance. He took one final look at his notes, and as she walked past him he said, ‘Hey, Jane. ’Sup?’

Jane stopped. She looked down at the guy she’d bumped into last week. Why wouldn’t he leave her alone? All she ever wanted was for people to just leave her alone. She smiled a fake smile.

‘Everyone say’s you’re really smart,’ Brian continued. ‘Maybe you can help me with some stuff I’ve been reading?’

Notes shaking in his hand, Brian told Jane everything he could about significance testing, effect sizes, and Bayesian statistics.