Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 2

Brian was feeling a little deflated after his encounter with Jane. She had barely said a word to him. Was he that awful to be around? He was enjoying the book she’d handed to him though. The whole thing had spurred him on to concentrate more during his statistics lectures. Perhaps that’s what she wanted.

He’d seen Jane flitting about campus. She always seemed to have a massive bag with her. It seemed to contain something large and heavy, judging from her posture. He wondered what it was as he daydreamed across the campus square. His thoughts were broken by being knocked to the floor.

‘Watch where you’re going,’ he said angrily.

‘I’m so sorry …’ the dark-haired woman replied. She looked flustered. She picked up her bag as Brian looked up to see it was Jane. Now he felt flustered.

Jane looked as though she wanted to expand on her apology but the words had escaped. Her eyes darted as though searching for them.

Brian didn’t want her to go, but in the absence of anything to say, he recited his statistics lecture to her. It was weird. Weird enough that as he finished she shrugged and ran off.