Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 11

Jane didn’t like the library: it was full of people, and people made her uneasy. Why had she gone there to find campus guy? It made no sense to her, but as days passed without seeing him, she missed his nervy recitals of his statistics lectures. She’d watched from afar as he left his lectures and scuttled to the library. Was he avoiding her? The thought that he might be made her want to see him. She wanted to make amends for her barbed comments and yet when she found him, and he spat statistical theory at her like one of Pavlov’s dogs, she cut him down again. Why did she do that? Why wouldn’t she give him a millimetre? Had she spent too much time alone in the basement of the Pleiades building? Was she so broken that she needed to torture this guy with an elaborate rite of passage to make herself feel better about her past? Jane had realized as she’d looked at his deflated face in the library that he would reach a limit with her quips. She’d wanted to keep him at arm’s length, but it was only now that she realized how long her emotional arms could be. If she wanted their chats to continue she needed to give him some hope.