Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 1

Brian had a crush on Jane. He’d seen her around campus a lot, always rushing with a big bag and looking sheepish. People called her a weirdo, but her reputation for genius was well earned. She was mysterious, no one had ever spoken to her or knew why she scuttled around the campus with such purpose. Brian found her quirkiness sexy. He probably needed to reflect on that someday.

As she passed him on the library stairs, Brian caught her shoulder. She looked horrified.

‘Sup,’ he said with a smile.

Jane looked sheepishly at the bag she was carrying.

‘Fancy a brew?’ Brian asked.

Jane looked Brian up and down. He was handsome, but he looked like he might be an idiot … and Jane didn’t trust people, especially guys. To her surprise, Brian tried to woo her with what he’d learnt in his statistics lecture that morning. Maybe she was wrong about his idiocy, maybe he was a statistics guy ... that would make him more appealing, after all stats guys always told the best jokes.

Jane took his hand and led him to the Statistics section of the library. She pulled out a book called An Adventure in Statistics and handed it to him. Brian liked the cover. Jane turned and strolled away enigmatically.