Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 21

Jane was giddy with excitement. Theoretically the device would work, but she wouldn’t know for sure until she tried it. It had been easy enough to steal a portable TMS device, but getting it to focus its magnetic pulse into a precise location had beaten her at first. Then last week it came to her, in the shower of all places, and she’d spent another three weeks away from the world, beating away at the problem. Occasional visits to Brian, but mainly in lockdown in the lab.

Looking at the machine, Jane felt proud, perhaps for the first time. She’d solved this problem on her own, with no visits to the Pleiades building. She’d taken her intellect for granted, played it down even, but this was a real achievement. She was desperate to test the device, but she needed to sleep, and to double-check everything with a fresh head. The field test would have to wait. She went home, showered, ate, and messaged Brian. ‘Sorry, been busy, I’ll come over soon.’ She curled up under her duvet and felt utterly content.