Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 18

Brian put his duvet over Jane, wedged a pillow under her head, turned the light out and went to his bedroom. He dug out a sleeping bag to replace the duvet that was keeping Jane warm on the sofa. He found it hard to sleep. Everything in his head was a mess. Just when he thought he’d scared Jane off, she turns up looking and sounding spent. With no explanation for the past five days, she passes out on his sofa. She was an enigma, that was for sure. A brilliant, dazzling, slightly odd enigma. Brian’s head told him to stay away, but it was too late: he was strapped in for whatever the ride was and however dangerous it may be.

Brian woke too soon. He felt disorientated. Why was he in a sleeping bag? Where was his duvet? As the previous night came back to him, he raced clumsily into the lounge. Neatly folded on the sofa was his duvet, with the pillow on top. Jane had gone. He went to the bathroom. The shower was wet, his towel neatly folded on the floor. It smelt of his coconut shampoo. Back in the lounge, he noticed cereals spilled on the breakfast bar, but as he got closer he realized they were carefully arranged into a word. ‘Wait,’ it said, with a Rice Krispie smile.

He took a shower and emerged to find Jane at the breakfast bar with two coffees and bagels. She looked down at the towel covering his waist and, with a knowing smile, said, ‘Put some clothes on, breakfast is getting cold.’