Brian's attempt to woo Jane in chapter 17

Brian was confused. It had been five days since he’d opened up to Jane and he’d heard nothing since. He rarely told people about his mother, because it made them feel awkward. They acted differently. It was hard to say exactly how they acted, but they were sort of safe with him, as though scared of saying or doing something that might trigger him. It was easier not to talk about her. It was amazing how many friends you could have who never asked about your parents. After the recent weeks of talking to Jane about her family it seemed wrong not to tell her when she asked. It must’ve freaked her, though, because her phone was dead, and this was the longest, since Jane’s mother got ill, that she hadn’t contacted him.

Jane was exhausted. She emerged from the lab into the dark. She’d hit a wall and needed to sleep. Her battery had long died on her phone and she had no idea what time it was. She felt unsteady on her feet. A girl walking past asked if she was OK. She said Jane looked terrible. Jane asked her for the time. It was 9:30 pm. As an afterthought she asked what day it was. ‘Friday,’ the girl replied, giving her the kind of look you’d give someone who didn’t know what day it was. ‘Holy shit!’ Jane thought. She’d been working five days. How was that possible? She panicked, realizing that she had vanished from Brian for so long without explanation. Why hadn’t it occurred to her to call him? She guessed because there were things she didn’t want him to know yet. Jane caught the train into the city. She stood in front of Brian’s apartment a little scared to press the buzzer. Brian recoiled when he saw her. ‘You look exhausted,’ he said. She lay on his couch. ‘Talk to me,’ she demanded, and she drifted into sleep to the sound of his calming voice.