Thanks from the Publishers

The publisher would like to thank all of the students and lecturers who spoke to us and helped to review this book’s content, design, and online resources to ensure it is as useful as possible


Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of the students at the University of Ulster who provided invaluable feedback throughout the process of creating this book.

With special thanks to those who reviewed chapters:

Dominik Bruch

Nicki Dunn

Kelly Gould

Emily Sharp

Trudy Walls


Sarah Ashelford, University of Bradford

Maria Bennallick, University of Plymouth

John Campbell, University of Cumbria

Donal Deehan, Liverpool John Moores University

David Gallimore, Swansea University

Laura Ginesi, University of East Anglia

Helen Godfrey, University of the West of England, Bristol

Sarah Greenwood, City University London

Ray Hayes, Northumbria University

Gay James, Coventry University

Moira Lewitt, University of the West of Scotland

Leo Mayers, University of Worcester

Damion McCormick, The University of Nottingham

Brenda Reeve, The University of Hull

Sheila Sobrany, Middlesex University

David Tait, Edinburgh Napier University

Vanessa Taylor, The University of Manchester

Donald Todd, Robert Gordon University

Jane Turner, University of Derby

Ann Williams, Queen Margaret University

Marjorie Wilson, Teesside University

Nicola Witton, Keele University

Debbie Wyatt, The University of Chester

Lastly, the publisher would like to extend a special thanks to Professor Harry Chumman at the University of Greenwich for his enormous contribution in compiling the multiple choice questions and the flashcard decks for the online student resources.

Lastly, the publishers would like to thank Shaun Mercier, our in-house designer for drawing so many wonderful illustrations for this book.