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Chapter 1 Homeostasis in Person-Centered Practice

Person-centred care made simple 

Prioritising person-centred care

The health foundation

Integrated care for patients and populations

Person-centred care

Chapter 3 Genetic and Epigenetic Control of Biological Systems



Genetic family history 

Chapter 4 The Human Microbiome and Health

The human microbiome

Chapter 6 Special and General Senses: Responding to the Environment

Action on hearing loss

Deafness and hearing loss

Managing neuropathic pain

Chapter 8 The Digestive System: Nutrient Supply and Waste Elimination

Thousand days

Healthy lives

Calorie king

Chapter 9 Metabolism and Liver Function

Health benefits of breastfeeding

Chapter 14 Skin and Temperature Regulation

Feverish illness in children

Chapter 16 The Reproductive Systems

Nature and nurture

Chapter 17 Development through the Life Span

UK-WHO growth charts