Test your understanding of key chapter concepts by working through this quiz. You can check your answer by clicking on the arrow to the right or on what you think the correct answer is.  The correct answer will then be revealed for that question. 

1. This protein controls metabolic activities of the cells

  1. receptor
  2. neurotransmitter
  3. hormone
  4. ligand


c. hormone

2. Hormones

  1. last a very short time
  2. are fast acting
  3. affect distant organs
  4. ​cannot cross the plasma membrane


c. affect distant organs

3. Which hormone elevates blood glucose level?

  1. growth hormone
  2. insulin
  3. cortisol
  4. thyroxin


b. insulin

4. Which gland does not form part of the endocrine system?

  1. thyroid
  2. pancreas
  3. pituitary
  4. brain


d. brain

5. How many different types of hormones does the pituitary gland secrete?

  1. 4
  2. 8
  3. 10
  4. 12


b. 8

6. Hormones can be typed based on their structures as

  1. proteins
  2. lipid soluble
  3. steroids
  4. all of the above


d. all of the above

7. The production of this hormone is reduced to retain water when the body is dehydrated

  1. thyroxin
  2. oxytocin
  3. antidiuretic hormone
  4. insulin


c. antidiuretic hormone

8. Steroid hormones are secreted by which gland?

  1. adrenal cortex
  2. thyroid
  3. pancreas
  4. parathyroid


a. adrenal cortex

9. Which of the following is an endocrine and exocrine gland?

  1. pineal
  2. pituitary
  3. pancreas
  4. parathyroid


c. pancreas

10. The hormones most commonly associated with acute stress response are called

  1. catecholamines
  2. steroids
  3. paracrine
  4. autocrine


a. catecholamines