Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 9.1: Ballot Box 13
Description: The George Parr political machine is widely believed to have been responsible for the “discovery” of the “lost” ballot box from precinct 13 in Alice, TX in the 1948 senate race between Lyndon Johnson and Coke Stephenson. The votes in this box gave Johnson the election and his seat in the U.S. Senate.

Video Link 9.2: Republican Party 2018 precinct conventions
Description: Video produced by the Republican Party of Texas training grassroots activists in the process of running a precinct convention.

Web Link 9.1: Presidential election results in Texas
Description: Texas Secretary of State official results for presidential races since 1848.

Web Link 9.2: 2018 Non-major party candidates in Texas
Description: Texas Tribune Texplainer about third-party and independent candidates on the ballot in Texas in 2018.

Web Link 9.3: Straight-ticket voting in Texas
Description: Texas Tribune article covering the end of straight-ticket voting in Texas and statistics about its use.

Web Link 9.4: 2018 Democratic Party Platform
Description: The official platform of the Texas Democratic Party.