Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 8.1: Smith v. Allwright
Description: The History Guy video describing the context and significance of Smith v. Allwright, a U.S. Supreme Court decision outlawing Texas’s White primary.

Audio Link 8.1: 2018 Texas primary elections
Description: Texas Tribune TribCast podcast discussing results of the 2018 Texas primary elections.

Web Link 8.1: Voter turnout in Texas
Description: Texas Tribune explainer on why Texas voter turnout is so low, including discussion of Hispanic voting trends.

Web Link 8.2: Barriers caused by Voter ID law
Description: PolitiFact discussion of claim that the Texas voter ID law would require someone to drive 120 miles to get an acceptable ID.

Web Link 8.3: Turnout and Voter Registration
Description: Texas Secretary of State statistics on Texas voter registration and turnout 1970–present.

Web Link 8.4: Texas campaign fundraising
Description: database of campaign finance, showing candidates, parties, and donors to Texas candidates.