Video and Multimedia

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Audio Link 7.1: Reform in the Texas prison system
Description: Texas Standard podcast describing key problems facing the Texas prison system.

Web Link 7.1: Death Row information
Description: Information about death row in Texas, including about characteristics of offenders, statistics on executions, and county-level information.

Web Link 7.2: Frontier justice
Description: Texas State Historical Association description of Texas vigilante justice on the 19th-century frontier.

Web Link 7.3: Texas Incarceration
Description: Texas Tribune database of information about incarceration in Texas. Learn about the crimes, the inmates, and the prisons themselves.

Web Link 7.4: Rehabilitation in Texas Prisons
Description: TribTalk on prison reform, including description of a “certificate of rehabilitation” and other reforms that could help prisoners and taxpayers.

Web Link 7.5: Castle Doctrine
Description: Retrospective on the castle doctrine 5 years after the “Joe Horn 911 Call” case.