Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 6.1: Judicial Elections
Description: The Texas Bar Association discusses the importance of choosing the right judges to serve in Texas courts.

Video Link 6.2: Texas Courts
Description: Video describing the structure and operation of the Texas court system.

Audio Link 6.1: Fetal Tissue, SCOTUS and the Future of Reproductive Rights
Description: From the Texas Matters podcast: The Texas Legislature has passed laws severely restricting abortion access and regulating disposal of fetal tissue. This podcast discusses the fate of these laws in the courts.

Web Link 6.1: Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upholds death penalty
Description: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reinstates the death penalty for Bobby Moore after rewriting its standards for mental disability in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s invalidation of the previous standard.

Web Link 6.2: Texas judges’ misdeeds often kept secret by oversight commission
Description: The Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct maintains strict secrecy in most cases of wrongdoing by judges.

Web Link 6.3: Demographics of Texas judges
Description: Official reports on qualifications, compensation, and demographic breakdowns of the Texas judiciary, along with other information.

Web Link 6.4: The Texas Grand Jury System
Description: Texas Monthly asks “Is the Grand Jury System in Texas Broken?”