Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 5.1: Latino Americans: The Alamo
Description: A brief description of the contributions of some of the Tejanos who fought and died at the Alamo.

Video Link 5.2: Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions
Description: Reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the case filed to challenge Texas’s SB 2, which placed strict requirements on abortion providers and clinics.

Audio Link 5.1: Texas Comptroller on sports betting revenues
Description: Texas Tribune TribCast featuring TX Comptroller Glenn Hegar discussing potential impacts on state revenues from sports betting following U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing states to permit it nationwide.

Web Link 5.1: History of Texas Plural Executive
Description: Texas Historical Society narrative of Texas government, including descriptions of how the plural executive developed.

Web Link 5.2: Lt Governor’s interim charges to the legislature: First Wave and Second Wave
Description: Lt Governor Dan Patrick’s “Interim Charges” to the Texas Legislature, outlining his priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Web Link 5.3: State Board of Education votes to keep "heroic" in description of Alamo defenders
Description: Reporting on the decision by the Texas State Board of Education relating to how the history standards describe the Battle of the Alamo.