Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 4.1: Gov. Greg Abbott's Texas Plan
Description: Gov. Abbott has a plan to amend the U.S. Constitution. He was interviewed at the Hoover Institution about his plan.

Audio Link 4.1: The 1873 Texas Gubernatorial election
Description: From the Wise About Texas podcast, the story of Gov. E. J. Davis and the 1873 Davis–Coke gubernatorial election.

Web Link 4.1: Greg Abbott 2017 State of the State address
Description: Transcript and accompanying video of Gov. Abbott’s 2017 state of the state address.

Web Link 4.2: Governors of Texas
Description: Texas State Library list of governors of Texas since 1691.

Web Link 4.3: Bills vetoed by Texas governors
Description: Legislative Reference Library list of all bills vetoed by Texas governors since 1846.

Web Link 4.4: Gov. Abbott deploys Texas State Guard
Description: Gov. Greg Abbott exercises his power to deploy the Texas State Guard in response to U.S. military exercises in the state.