Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 3.1: Barbara Jordan
Description: A tribute to Barbara Jordan.

Video Link 3.2: How the Session Works: A Closer Look at House Voting Practices
Description: Texas Tribune video describing how voting sometimes occurs in the Texas House.

Web Link 3.1: Texas Redistricting
Description: All about Texas redistricting, from the Texas Legislative Council.

Web Link 3.2: Demographics of Texas Legislature
Description: Details about the demographic breakdown of the Texas Legislature.

Web Link 3.3: Supreme Court Hears Texas Redistricting Case
Description: The importance of Evenwel v. Abbott, the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding Texas’s method of counting voters when redistricting.

Web Link 3.4: How a bill becomes a law
Description: Graphic map of how a bill becomes a law in the Texas Legislature.