Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 2.1: The Texas Constitution
Description: A brief description of the Texas Constitution and how it came to look the way it does.

Video Link 2.2: Federalism
Description: From The Constitution Center: What is Federalism and why do we organize our government this way.

Video Link 2.3: Civil Rights and Hispanics in Texas
Description: The Texas Historical Commission describes efforts by Hispanics in Texas to obtain civil rights.

Video Link 2.4: Jim Crow in Texas
Description: Texas Southern University students mobilize against Jim Crow in Houston.

Video Link 2.5: Texas Bathroom Bill video
Description: Brief video chronicling the path of the Texas Bathroom Bill through the Texas Legislature.

Web Link 2.1: Texas Bathroom Bill annotated
Description: The “Bathroom Bill” that failed to pass in the Texas Legislature’s 85th session, including the text of the bill and descriptive annotations.

Web Link 2.2: Texas Ordinance of Secession
Description: The “Declaration of Causes,” adopted February 2, 1861, expressing Texas’s motivation for leaving the Union.

Web Link 2.3: Constitutions of Texas
Description: Link to all constitutions of Texas, starting with the 1824 Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States.