Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 14.1: Affirmative Action in admission at UT-Austin
Description: The U.S. Supreme Court upheld UT-Austin’s admission policy, which offers a preference to minority applicants.

Web Link 14.1: Texas public school finance
Description: Texas property tax payers are shouldering a far larger share of the burden of paying for Texas schools, compared to just a few years ago.

Web Link 14.2: Problems at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services
Description: The Texas Tribune reports on auditors’ findings that billions of dollars in contracts signed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services were awarded in error.

Web Link 14.3: Cost/benefit of immigration in Texas
Description: The George W. Bush Institute reports that the economic benefits of immigration in Texas outweigh the costs.

Web Link 14.4: Medicaid and CHIP in Texas
Description: The official Texas government site detailing the Texas Medicaid and CHIP programs.

Web Link 14.5: The PUF Fund
Description: The University of Texas description of the structure, uses, and benefits of the Texas Permanent University Fund.