Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 13.1: Texas groundwater
Description: All about Texas groundwater and how aquifers work, from the Texas Water Development Board.

Video Link 13.2: Texas Bullet Train
Description: An explainer of the Texas Bullet Train from its developer, Texas Central.

Video Link 13.3: Trade in Texas whiskey
Description: Dallas Morning News reporting on the impact of President Trump’s proposed tariffs on exports of Texas whiskey.

Web Link 13.1: Texas fracking boom
Description: Texas earns billions from fracking, but there are hidden costs that aren’t being accounted for.

Web Link 13.2: Texas oil and gas revenues
Description: Texas Tribune Texplainer on how revenues from Texas oil and gas production are allocated.

Web Link 13.3: Fracking earthquakes
Description: Texas Monthly report on study finding that fracking is associated with increased earthquake activity in Texas.