Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 12.1: Sales tax on baked goods
Description: Texas Tribune explanation of legislation from the 85th legislature defining whether baked goods are subject to sales tax or not--based on how hot they are when sold.

Video Link 12.2: The Texas budget
Description: State Rep. Larry Gonzalez talks about the Texas budgeting process.

Audio Link 12.1: The Texas Miracle
Description: What’s come to be known as the “Texas Miracle” actually had more to do with high oil prices, outside the control of Texans, than with any particular Texas government policies.

Web Link 12.1: Sin taxes
Description: Texas Comptroller analysis of collection of “sin taxes” in Texas.

Web Link 12.2: Texas revenue sources
Description: Texas Comptroller list of sources of revenue for Texas, including federal revenues and historical information back to 1978.

Web Link 12.3: Texas agriculture grants
Description: The Texas Department of Agriculture lists grants available to subsidize farmers.