Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 11.1: City, County, State relationship
Description: Texas Association of Counties explainer of the relationship between city, county, and state governments.

Video Link 11.2: Texas House OKs rules to prohibit city fracking bans
Description: Local news coverage of legislation the Texas House passed removing fracking from local control within city limits.

Video Link 11.3: Houston gay marriage benefits case
Description: The Texas Supreme Court sends a case (Pidgeon v. Parker) challenging Houston’s extension of marriage benefits to same-sex couples back to lower court for reconsideration.

Web Link 11.1: Hurricane Harvey
Description: During and after photos of areas of Houston impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Web Link 11.2: FEMA's relationship with cities experiencing disasters
Description: Politico story detailing how FEMA assistance has and has not been adequate, particularly in low-income communities.

Web Link 11.3: Types of city governments
Description: TX Comptroller explanation of the different types of local governments--city, county, education, special purpose--in Texas.