Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 10.1: Campus Carry
Description: KXAN reporting on implementation of Texas’s campus carry legislation.

Audio Link 10.1: How does lobbying work
Description: The Vox podcast--The Ezra Klein Show--interviewing Tony Podesta, a Washington “superlobbyist.”

Audio Link 10.2: Contributions to Texas candidates
Description: Report from the Texas Standard detailing the finding that 90% of campaign contributions in Texas go to Republicans.

Web Link 10.1: Regulation of lobbying in Texas
Description: Proposed ethics legislation that would regulate lobbyists fails to pass during the 2017 Texas Legislative session.

Web Link 10.2: Political powerbrokers
Description: Texas Monthly article on the most powerful political personalities in Austin, including legislators and lobbyists.

Web Link 10.3: Texas's most notable interest groups
Description: Database of influential interest groups in Texas, categorized by area of interest across the philosophical spectrum, compiled by VoteSmart.