Video and Multimedia

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Video Link 1.1: Sam Houston and Secession
Description: Sam Houston’s opposition to joining the Confederacy, and prediction of the South’s defeat.

Video Link 1.2: Intimate Glimpse of Miriam A. Ferguson
Description: Actual 1920s video footage of Pa and Ma Ferguson, campaigning, working in the Texas governor’s mansion, and with family.

Video Link 1.3: Beyond Belief: Faith in Texas: The Intersection of Religion and Politics
Description: A political reporter takes a look at how the religion of Texas legislators impacts Texas government.

Video Link 1.4: The "Harvey Homeless"
Description: A report on the lingering effects of Hurricane Harvey on many of its victims a year after the storm.

Web Link 1.1: If Brexit Can Happen, Can Texit?
Description: An explainer on whether it would be possible for Texas to secede from the U.S.

Web Link 1.2: Progressive Era
Description: A summary of the Progressive Era in Texas.