1. Visual Perception Library

This is a great website which is crammed full of images and videos which are relevant to the study of visual perception. The website contains a particularly good repertoire of visual illusions, but there are also good images and videos relevant to face, colour and motion perception. Registration is required, but it is free and quick.


2. Change Blindness Demonstrations

Change blindness demonstrations are always fun to watch, and highlight just how important it is that we pay attention to particular aspects of a visual scene in order to remember them. This website contains some really good change blindness demonstrations using the flicker paradigm – you’ll kick yourselves when you notice the changes!


3. Internet Psychology Lab

This website contains some good interactive demonstrations relevant to visual and auditory perception. The auditory perception section contains a nice introduction to sound and pitch perception, while the visual perception section contains some interactive demonstrations of some famous visual illusions.


4. Exploratorium Seeing

This is a really nice website which contains some more visual illusions and interactive demonstrations. The website provides concise explanations on why the illusions work.


5. Sensation and Perception Tutorials

This is generally a good resource that contains some tutorials on sensation and perception. If you go to Java Applet Illustration you’ll find a good range of interactive demonstrations that will allow you to play with some sounds (e.g. try Interactive Illustration 10.x: Spectrum Analyzer). These demonstrations do not come with any explanation of how to use them though, so you’ll have to play around with them a bit to figure out what they are trying to tell you.