1. Research Design in Psychology

This chapter is about research design in psychology and there are many websites that focus on the nuts and bolts of this and also on the analysis of the data that we collect. Here is but one example.


2. The Basics of Experimental Design

Try this if you want to watch a brief video on the basics of experimental design.


3. Real Experiments

If you are interested in seeing real experiments, and taking part in them, then there are lots of opportunities to do this online.


4. Discourse Analysis – Dolly Parton!

In our chapter we introduce you to some examples of techniques used in research. One of these is discourse analysis and it might help your understanding of this if you look at the following description of the discourse analysis of a Dolly Parton song.


5. Hazard Perception

Another of the examples in the chapter concerns hazard perception, which is part of a driving test in the UK. Check it out at this YouTube link.


6. Do Something Different

Looking at the information about methods can give the impression that psychology is a very uptight subject with narrow interests and precise procedures. Although there is some truth in this, some psychologists try to explore the experience of being alive and encourage us to do something different. Look at these YouTube videos and see what you think.