1. The Innocence Project

This is an organisation devoted to justice, and dedicated to exonerating people who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes using ‘hard’ evidence (such as DNA testing). To really engage with the reality of wrongful conviction, listen to the album ‘Black robes and lawyers’ by William Dillon, and read his story at


2. The Safer Living Foundation Circles of Support and Accountability (Working with Sex Offenders) or

The Safer Living Foundation is a joint venture between HMP Whatton, Nottingham Trent University, National Probation Trust (East Midlands), and Nottinghamshire Police. It is a registered charity, whose aims are:

  • To promote for the benefit of the public the protection of people from, and the prevention of, sexual crime.
  • To promote for the public benefit the rehabilitation of persons who have committed or are likely to commit offences, particularly sexual offences against others.

The SLF runs Circles of Support and Accountability and needs volunteers to work with sex offenders. Curious?  


3. SLF Prevention Project (Preventing Sexual Offending)

Worried that you or someone you know is attracted to children more than five years younger? See Dunkelfeld at this web address, which offers treatment to individuals who are sexually attracted to children and concerned that they may offend. Or visit for help and advice.


4. Elizabeth Loftus (Eyewitness Testimony)

Elizabeth has recorded a number of videos on false memory, gun focus effect and eyewitness testimony.


5. Fergus McNeill (Desistance from Offending)

Speaking about desistance, identity and belonging – in this talk Fergus McNeill outlines why he became interested in this topic and shares some insights on what helps people to stop offending.


6. Links to YouTube Videos