1. Who Am I?

Visit The Science Museum’s website (or the museum itself) to find out more about what the museum says is everybody’s favourite subject – ‘themselves’.


2. How Do People Construct Gender Roles in Early Adulthood?

Watch this video to find out the answer.


3. Social Constructionism (and Why Time is a Social Construct)

Hear more about social constructivism at this website.


4. Need to Report Anyone Being Creepy Online? 

Use this website to report anyone who is putting pressure on you online.


5. Being Bothered by Trolls? Trolling Yourself? Don’t Feed the Troll! Online Interactions and Other Sad Stories't_feed_the_Troll

The former link gives more information about trolling.  The latter is useful for standing up to bullies and finding who you are. Be proud of yourself! 


6. Links to YouTube Videos