1. The Standford-Binet Test

IQ tests are all over the internet. If you want to try out the Stanford-Binet test, use this link.


2. Neisser’s Report for the American Psychological Association

Intelligence remains a controversial topic. If you want to read a measure account of current understandings about the topic then this is a good place to start.


3. Emotional Intelligence

Some people argue that emotion is a missing component from our understanding of intelligence and propose that we can measure an individual’s emotional intelligence (EQ). Using this link you can test yourself.


4. Carol Dweck

In describing her work,  Carol Dweck says: ‘My work bridges developmental psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology, and examines the self-conceptions (or mindsets) people use to structure the self and guide their behavior. My research looks at the origins of these mindsets, their role in motivation and self-regulation, and their impact on achievement and interpersonal processes.’


5. Robert Sternberg

Robert Sternberg developed his first intelligence test in seventh grade and since then has become one of the top 100 psychologists of the 20th century. His TED talk discusses the faults in standardized testing and the new needs of today's generation.