1. The British Psychological Society's History of Psychology Centre

This site contains useful information about the society's historical archive, details of how to join their History & Philosophy of Psychology section, and a very useful chronology of British psychology.


2. Classics in the History of Psychology

An excellent site which contains an archive of original papers drawn from the history of psychology. Lots of James, Freud, Watson, and Wundt to choose from here, and many other pioneering psychologists besides.


3. Welcome to the History of Psychology

One of those really useful sites that offers a gateway to other sites! You can access over 1000 World Wide Web resources related to the history of psychology via this little beauty!


4. List of Psychologists

No prizes for guessing that this site provides a list of influential/important psychologists. It also provides brief biographic details of them all.


5. The History of Psychology

An excellent site originally written by Dr George C. Boeree for the benefit of his students at Shippensburg University. The material is original and copyrighted by Dr Boeree and provides a very thorough history of psychology, its key concepts, theories and people. It is freely accessible for your personal educational use!