1. Child Development and Parenting Website

Although this website is aimed primarily at new parents, it contains lots of useful information about stages of development, developmental domains and temperament.  There is also information on learning, child psychology and family life provided by the Child Development Institute. You can also find links to related research.


2. Zero to Three

This website is aimed at students, policy-makers, practitioners and parents who are all interested in development from birth to the age of three.  You will find lots of information about a range of key topics including early language and literacy, play, and social and emotional development.  For each of the key topics covered on the website you can also download information sheets and PowerPoint presentations.


3. Child and Family Webguide

At this site you will find links to lots of other websites on child development.  For each of the web links, there is a review and rating of the usefulness of the web page.  You can search for links according to age or topic dependent on your interest.


4. Family and Child Development

Run by the Open University and the BBC, this website gives an overview into a range of aspects of child development.  There are a range of topics that have been selected from the Open University course materials that provide an overview of key topics in the area.  Videos are also used to illustrate the points covered.


5. Developmental Psychology on

There is lots of information about developmental psychology to be found at this web link.  One of the useful things about this site is that within the articles on developmental psychology you can also find links to content on other aspects of psychology.  Some of the main theories and studies are also reviewed here.