1. Open University Podcasts about Critical Social Psychology

The Open University have developed a series of podcasts exploring critical social psychology. These are free to view and offer insights into a range of topics in this area.


2. – An Essay by Thomas Teo. Outlines Methodologies Used in Critical Psychology provides a free-to-use resource where you can read work by key researchers in the field. This essay provides a good background to critical psychology and how this field of work has developed.  


3. Kenneth Gergen

The twitter account of Kenneth Gergen talking through his ideas about Social Constructionism. Worth following for an insight into current issues in social psychology generally.


4. Demand Characteristics

A useful definition of demand characteristics and associated issues in research. This is a good starting point for getting to grips with methodological issues in research and how they might be overcome.


5. Society for Personality and Social Psychology

This website is aimed at social psychologists to disseminate knowledge about the area and to help promote the careers of students wishing to pursue this area of research. You will find lots of information about new research, career opportunities and there are forums you can join to actively discuss issues in this area.