1. The Psychology of Athletes and their Attributions of Performance

This website looks at basic sports psychology and how athletes attribute their success or failure. It talks a little about Weiner’s model and also has a useful flow chart to illustrate the thought processes behind making an attribution. There are also some good examples and useful advice at the end.


2. British Social Attitudes Survey

The British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey is an annual survey that for over 25 years has been monitoring the change in attitudes of the British public. Topics covered include civil liberties, racism and sexism and also education. Take some time to look around and see what a really big survey can do!


3. Create Powerful Surveys

This website, one of many that provide such a service, is one that you can use to create surveys. It has the functionality to allow you to add as many items as you wish and participants can even write down their thoughts and opinions if they want, so it’s not all numbers. Once you’ve completed the survey, you can direct people via your personal link and watch as the numbers roll in!


4. An Educational Technique that Encourages Pro-social Behaviour in School Children looks at how pro-social behaviour can be used in the classroom. It’s an educational technique that encourages students to work together, thereby promoting both good learning and behaviour that will serve them well later in life.


5. How Pro-social Behaviour can Work on Local, National and International Levels

This website provides details from a report written by Hirst et al. (2007). In it they provide details of a scheme which sought to promote pro-social behaviour of young people in Bradford and York. It’s a good example of how helping behaviours can make a difference, at both a community and a national level.