1. Social Psychology General Resource

The Social Psychology Network provides perhaps the widest range of materials available on the internet related to social psychology, including links to various research groups involved in investigations of group behaviour. On this page you can find links to materials on group dynamics and leadership, as well as related social psychological topics.


2. Group Influence Activities

The making connections website has links to a range of resources in psychology. You can use these to further your understanding of social psychology by reading summaries of research findings, watching video clips showing some of the key concepts and following the links to other scholarly websites.


3. Online Social Psychological Studies

Another link to the Social Psychology Network that contains a large number of links to online studies, many of which are related to group processes. There are also links to student research projects and these are well worth exploring as they may help you think of research questions of your own!


4. The BBC Prison Study

A replication of the famous ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ conducted by Philip Zimbardo in the early 1970s ( which explores the dynamics of groups that have unequal power. While at first glance this may appear to relate more to processes that occur between groups (see Chapter 11), think about how some of the aspects of within-group behaviour that were covered in this chapter might be relevant to the study.


5. Video Materials

Go to YouTube and try searching for some of the key terms introduced in this chapter.

You might be surprised at what you can find! Here you can find interesting and thought-provoking materials on groupthink, social loafing and group decision-making. You can also find links to student-produced materials on relevant topics which might help clarify relevant concepts.