1. Positive Psychology Resources

This is a useful website on positive psychology which is often overlooked by academic psychologists. Relevant here is the section on motivation.


2. Face to Face: The Science of Reading Faces

This is a talk by Ekman the psychologist famous for the work on facial expressions of emotion (hence the ‘Ekman faces’).


3. The Science of Microexpressions

This Ted talk discusses the microexpressions of the face as a way of detecting people’s emotions.


4. The Puzzle of Motivation

An intriguing TED talk about the psychology of what motivates us. What has psychology taught us and do we apply it in the real world such as the workplace?


5. Are Psychopaths Lacking Emotional Empathy and the Ability to Recognise Fear

We have discussed in the chapter the theory that psychopaths might have difficulties with these two aspects of emotional processing. Take a look at some videos of famous psychopaths and see if you can detect any of these traits? Here are a couple to start you off but you can google for yourself too.

Serial killer ‘The Ice Man’:

Ted Bundy final interview: