1. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender and reproduction. It has a number of resources for students, researchers and the general public, including an online library, art gallery and a number of publications on sex and sexuality. For students, there are also details on graduate courses in the United States.


2. The Magnus Hirschfield Archive for Sexology

An organisation that seeks to promote, protect and preserve sexual health through conducting original research and by collecting, analysing and disseminating scientific information from other sources. The website features an excellent history of sexology, an online library, reports by the World Health Organisation and a dictionary of key terms connected with sex and sexuality. There are even a number of free online courses that students can take part in.


3. Sexual Differentiation and Intersex Development

An excellent website run by The Johns Hopkins Children's Center providing information on embryological development and intersex conditions. There is information on the process of sexual differentiation, problems that can occur and the possible treatment methods, both physiological and psychological, that are available. Useful glossaries of key terms are also provided.


4. Support Organizations for Intersex Individuals and their Families;

The United Kingdom Intersex Association (UKIA) is an education, advocacy, campaigning and support organisation, which works on behalf of intersexed people. UKIA aims to educate, inform and campaign in order to remove the shame, secrecy, social prejudice, ignorance and stigmatisation that surround intersexed conditions. Bodies Like Ours is an intersex information and peer support network, with discussion forums on a variety of topics connected with intersex conditions.


5. Is anatomy destiny?

A TED talk on sex and gender by Alex Dreger who is both a historian of public attitudes to anatomy and an activist who represents intersex individuals.